Survey for Portsmouth Disability Forum

Portsmouth Disability Forum are currently conducting a strategic review which involves a whole range of activities and conversations both internally and externally.

We are now seeking feedback from users of our services, our client / customers. We have designed a very quick online questionnaire and would very much appreciate you spending a few minutes to complete it, in an open and honest way.

Completion of the review will enable the Trustees to use the findings in the preparation of a three year business plan to ensure the sustainability of the forum into the future.

We thought I might be useful if we remind you of:


To promote the care, welfare, interest, education and advancement of disabled people their families and personal assistants and their independence and inclusion within the community of Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.



To be the independent umbrella organisation of and for disability organisations and disabled people in Portsmouth.

To be an expert voice of and for disabled people by lobbying, campaigning and through consultation and partnership with any appropriate body both locally and nationally.

To promote awareness of disability issues.


Thanking you in anticipation,

Sharon Smithson         Lynne Rigby

Chair                              Principal Officer

Please click here to access the questionnaire.