Portsmouth Disability Forum – Keeping Families Informed



Keeping Families Informed

Portsmouth Disability Forum has just launched an additional feature to its website – Our new SEN tab will now take you to The SEN Advice Centre which provides you, the parent, with information and support to help you make informed choices.  This part of the site aims to provide you with information and details to support you in your dealings with the Local Authority and schools.

We know for many parents finding the information they need can be a huge issue, we hope this new feature is easy to use informative and will help parents when making difficult decisions about schools and education.

‘As the City suffers more and more cutbacks, we believe parents need to tackle challenges from an informed position, which is what prompted us to develop this information centre’ says Lynne Rigby Principle Officer.

Below are just few of the topic areas covered in the section;

We are always keen to hear feedback be it positive or negative and to receive ideas for further development of our website. Please click here to be directed to the Portsmouth Disability Forum website.

Thank you.