Portsmouth City Council Supports Black Lives Matter

As a show of support for the Black Lives Matter movement, Portsmouth City Council lit the Emirates Spinnaker Tower in purple on Sunday evening, and it will remain lit for a week.

Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Cllr Rob Wood, said: “Following the tragic death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests in the USA and UK, city council recognise it is important that it shows its support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and stands with those from the city and around the world who continue to experience racism and discrimination. The Spinnaker Tower is the city’s most visible symbol – lighting it in purple is a demonstration of our commitment to making change happen.

“As a city we must continually strive to be a better society tomorrow than we were today. We must start by recognising and acknowledging the discrimination that still exists. We must listen to those who continue to live with discrimination, so we can understand, respect and learn from their experiences. We will start by listening to the whole community so we can work together to make real change happen.”