Natalie’s Blog Part 3

Hello everyone, 

Wow,  is it really February already? It feels like we’ve just had Christmas, now we have romance in the air and Easter eggs on the shelves. 

So with everything moving at a incredible pace I decided to focus on each moment.

So since my last blog I’ve had my little boys EHCP draft signed off, we’ve changed school settings once again which has been quite a tough decision and is making me a little anxious.

We’ve definitely had way more cloudy days than over the rainbows and pot of gold days at school. The other day my little dude actually forgot he ate his breakfast because he was so busy.

However, this has helped me see he needs a little more support and I have been using my support network to help me make decisions on how to move forward.

Oh I did have a proud mummy moment this month was when my oldest daughter received her university placement at Oxford.

My little dude went to a sleep over, so here’s a shout out to my bestie for a little bit of respite, mind you I think she was exhausted after.

So now what have PPV been up too,  we have had a busy January with coproduction and attending meetings.

We held a well-being coffee morning where SENDIASS and the carers centre joined PPV and parent carers to talk about ‘us’ and the techniques we use to meet our needs.

PPV attended the Solent Therapies all day and gave a presentation to 120 professionals about coproduction and how to work with Parents and Cares to improve their services.

We’ve enrolled two new parent reps, one of whom writes a personal blog which you can find the link too in our newsletter.

We are looking forward to welcoming them to the team.