A Parent Guide and Poster for Emotional and Wellbeing Needs

Following feedback from parent carers around their difficulties in finding out how to access help and support, PPV worked with a group of parents as part of the Future in Mind Strategy to co-produce the layout, design and wording of the guide and poster.
Since publishing the guide and poster last year, we have received feedback from parent carers and professionals stating that the documents did not give details as to where they originated from.
In response, we have amended both documents in order to clarify that PPV, Portsmouth CCG and PCC have worked in co-production to design the guide and poster. We have also added a contact email if further information is required or if anyone would like to order printed copies.
Further feedback from parents stated that they would like a leaflet to accompany the guide and poster in order to have the information at hand rather than an A3 poster and guide. Our Future in Mind co-production group will work over the next few months to design a further leaflet which will be published before the end of March 2018.
We would also welcome your feedback and you can complete this short survey by following this link:https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/D27XSVG
Service Guide Parents Poster July 17 updated 2018

Service Guide for parents July 17 updated 2018