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Natalie’s Blog Part 6

Welcome back…..

The summer break has flown by and I can’t believe in a few days my little dude is due to start secondary school. The summer has been filled with many highs and lows and very little selfcare time which I think many of you can relate too.

My little dude has struggled with socialising and communicating with others and has probably become more withdrawn over the summer then during lockdown, which has had a knock on effect as I continued to work the odd days over the summer and with no summer clubs he’s been home with me.

I’ve had many zoom meeting were he has come in and during one meeting even my teenagers managed to come in on the call and as a parent naturally I apologised and that is when I realised I was apologising for meeting the needs of my children.

The whole COVID -19 situation had put me in a position where I felt the need to apologise for doing something I naturally do all the time, COVID -19 has turned our worlds upside down and inside out and a lot of families including myself have gone through the past few months with little to no support.

I have been blessed with my bubbles which have kept me in touch with the adult world where I could laugh, cry and create memories and well WhatsApp has become the most used app on my phone.

I have found watching my children become new versions of themselves increasingly difficult wondering if they would be like this if it wasn’t for COVID -19, I watched my daughter cry over the ALEVEL saga and spend days and nights riding the rollercoaster of emotions with her and then got to celebrate her results A*A*A and now get to watch her plan her move to Oxford University as she embarks on the next step in her journey of life.

I am still unsure how I feel about the return to school…who does, but I am remaining positive in front of my little dude as I do not want him to see my concerns I am sure he picks up on my vibes already…I’m only human so it’s inevitable he will pick up on them, so don’t beat yourself up for feeling anxious.

I found the preparation, limits of school uniform, cost, fitting all stressful as which child wants to shop for school uniform let alone try it on outside, he put it on and of course I cried not because he’s grown up but because I have no idea what September or the coming months holds for him.

So I say to all families take it one day at a time, talk to your friends and family about your worries and make contact with your education setting if your concerned. This weekend my friend took me through things step by step to support me in working out a plan because even I don’t have it together all the time.

In the land of Portsmouth Parent Voice we have been supporting Solent Therapies with interviewing new assistants, running drop in sessions on returning to school with the support of the Portsmouth Educational psychology service and CAMHS.

We have continued to support PCC in the school welcome back plans and our future plans to work in co-production.

The Neuro diversity Project has been a weekly occurrence, we have been working in co-production on the up and coming training for professionals and finishing the tool kit.

We have also added a new member to our team over the summer, so I am sure you would all join us in welcoming Hannah, our new Administrator, to the team. ‘Welcome Hannah’.

We will be returning to office soon and we look forward to planning events for parent carers over the next few months.

So remember take it one day at a time and we will get through this together.

Impacting on You Newsletter – July 2020

Please click on the FLOWER to read the July Newsletter.

Portsmouth Parent Voice Support Service Fundraiser

Fundraising to support families of children with special educational needs and disabilities to minimise isolation through phone and video support.

Natalie’s Blog Part 5

So we have made it to June, at times days have been blurring into each other.

It’s not been easy juggling everything and at times I have had to step back and just breathe.

As a parent and working I decided to allow my little dude to return to school. I found this decision extremely hard to make, working out the best plan for my little dude in co-production with his school and medical professionals made it a lot easier.

Of course I was concerned how they would meet his EHCP needs, I still am due to the constant government changes.

With things constantly changing I feel as a parent I am on constant catch up, but talking through my concerns with his SENCO, friends and family have made it more manageable.

I have two teenagers at home who are now starting to struggle with the return to a somewhat normal life, they have been extremely anxious about doing something wrong and struggle to cope with the daily changes.

Over the past few weeks I have also seen the strain lockdown has put on their sibling relationships, which I’m sure we’ve all seen an escalation of some sort during lock down. I have been using NVR and the restorative questions to help resolve any upset which seems to be working.

I’m hoping the sibling escalation will now settle that everyone is having some time out and that they are socializing with young people their own age.

I’ve definitely been making the most of the all the social and emotional resources the school have been sharing online to help my little dude over the past few weeks, although as a parent I don’t think there has been much SEMH support for my daughters who are in college.

One thing I am hoping will continue is all the good that has come out of lock down.

I have enjoyed CAMHS dropping off my little dudes prescription and I think video call appointments are a good move for some appointments and some educational and health related courses.

PPV have spent the past month settling in to working remotely, there have been many pet and family appearances during Zoom meetings but that’s all part of working during the current circumstances.

PPV have now had our first drop in session and our first virtual training session which was really successful, don’t get me wrong there were the odd tech issues but I think the more we try new ways the more we learn.

This has been a huge team effect and with the support of our incredible parent carers we are starting to now find our feet.

We have recently submitted our Contact Grant Forms which we did in co-production with parent carers and we have now looked at other forms of funding to increase our parent carer support.

We have been busy working behind the scenes on the ND project to make sure we can start up the coproduction group and run the training as soon as its safe too.

We are running more SBFT and co-production sessions to keep up with the increase of work load, since lock down we have had over 20 Zoom meetings.

PPV are also planning to do a redesign of our website in the coming months.

Please keep checking our social media pages for updates, news and events.

Here Is the link to our website contact page you can reach our team or sign up to our mailing list here

Stay safe and well.

Kind regards, Natalie.

Portsmouth City Council Supports Black Lives Matter

As a show of support for the Black Lives Matter movement, Portsmouth City Council lit the Emirates Spinnaker Tower in purple on Sunday evening, and it will remain lit for a week.

Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Cllr Rob Wood, said: “Following the tragic death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests in the USA and UK, city council recognise it is important that it shows its support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and stands with those from the city and around the world who continue to experience racism and discrimination. The Spinnaker Tower is the city’s most visible symbol – lighting it in purple is a demonstration of our commitment to making change happen.

“As a city we must continually strive to be a better society tomorrow than we were today. We must start by recognising and acknowledging the discrimination that still exists. We must listen to those who continue to live with discrimination, so we can understand, respect and learn from their experiences. We will start by listening to the whole community so we can work together to make real change happen.”

Virtual Support Sessions

Autism Hampshire is providing virtual support sessions in Portsmouth for parents and carers to provide information about managing anxieties and daily routine with an autistic child or young adult at home.